Carolyn A. Brown

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États-Unis d'Amérique


Associate Professor


Rutgers University, New Brunswick, New Jersey

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Department of History
P.O. Box 5059
Rutgers University
New Brunswick, New Jersey 08903-5059 USA


phone: 732-932-8030

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My current research focuses on the study of race, class and gender
identities in "the colonial city" and how these identities impact upon
nationalist discourse -- especially in Africa. This research has resulted
in a book manuscript on the social history of the nationalist movement in
Nigeria which centers on the city and environs of Enugu, highlighting
several social groups who give the colonial city its cultural and
contested nature. The working title is: 'Cowboys' Letter Writers and
Dancing Women: Identity and Struggles over Space, Leisure and Time in a
West African City: Enugu, Nigeria 1914-1955.

Another long standing interest is the impact of slavery and the slave
trade in southeastern Nigeria. For several years, I have been directing a
project with colleagues in Nigeria interviewing people in villages in
southeastern Nigeria on video and documenting how the slave trade is


"We are all slaves": African miners, culture, and resistance at the
Enugu government colliery. Portsmouth, NH: Heinemann; Oxford: James
Currey; Cape Town, South Africa: David Philip, c2003.


class ; race ; gender ; loss and memory ; slavery.