Fran Lisa Buntman

Region of Interest


Primary Country of Residence

United States of America


Assistant Professor


George Washington University, Washington DC


Mailing Address

Department of Sociology
George Washington University
801 22nd St NW, #409
Washington DC 20052


Countries of Specialization

South Africa,

Research Interests

My core interests are the nature and exercise of power and resistance
which I explore in a number of substantive areas. My forthcoming book on
Robben Island prison (Cambridge University Press, 2003) explores political
prisoner resistance under apartheid as well as its influence on the
apartheid state and anti-apartheid political movements.

I also work on race, law and constitutionalism, and social and political
change. My next project focuses on definitions and understanding of crime,
politics, and violence to examine how groups and states marshal law,
violence, and ideology to justify and/or challenge political and criminal
terror. One aspect of that study is a comparative analysis of Zimbabwe's
and South Africa's legal and discursive constructions of terrorism.

Teaching Interests

Professor Fran Buntman’s primary teaching and research interests focus on prisons and other institutions of punishment and ‘correction’, law and power, and inequality, especially in the United States and South Africa. She is interested both in open and hidden expressions of power and resistance, and how social institutions tell us a great deal about our social values and commitments. Her teaching, research, and writing seek to integrate and facilitate inter-disciplinary dialogue between and among theory and practice, scholarly contribution and civic involvement, global and local realities.


Robben Island Prison and the Struggle Against Apartheid. Cambridge University Press. 2003.

Journal Articles, Chapters, and Research Report
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Newspaper Articles/Op-eds

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Inequality, law, power, prisons, punishment, race, resistance, social change, South Africa