Macartan N. Humphreys

Region of Interest


Primary Country of Residence

United States of America


Associate Professor


Columbia University, New York, New York


Mailing Address

Department of Political Science
Columbia University
812 International Affairs
420 West 118th Street, MC 3320
New York, New York 10027 USA

Phone/Fax Number(s)

phone: 212-854-7431
fax: 212-854-5670


Countries of Specialization

Chad, Ghana, Haiti, Indonesia, Liberia, Mali, São Tomé e Príncipe, Sierra Leone, Senegal, Uganda.


2003. Ph.D. (Government), Harvard University.

2000. MPhil (Economics), Oxford University.

Research Interests

He works on the political economy of development and formal political theory. Ongoing research focuses on civil wars, post-conflict development, ethnic politics, natural resource management, political authority and leadership, and democratic development with a current focus on the use of field experiments to study democratic decision-making in post-conflict and developing areas. He has conducted field research in Chad, Ghana, Haiti, Indonesia, Liberia, Mali, Sao Tome and Principe, Sierra Leone, Senegal, Uganda, and elsewhere.

He is also Director of the Research group "Institutions and Political Inequality" at the WZB in Berlin.

Teaching Interests



2016. With Peter Van der Windt
"Crowdseeding in eastern Congo: using cell phones to collect conflict events data in real time,"
Journal of conflict resolution. 60(4): 748-781.

2015. With James D. Feron and Jeremy M. Weinstein.
"How does development assistance affect collective action capacity? : results from a field experiment in post-conflict Liberia,"
American political science review. 109(3): 450-469.

2009. With Jeremy M. Weinstein.
"Field experiments and the political economy of development," Annual review of
political science. 12 (2009): 367-78.

2008. "Existence of a multicameral core," Social choice and welfare. 31, 3
(October 2008): 503-20.

2008. "Coalitions," Annual review of political science. 11 (2008): 351-86.

2008. With J. Habyarimana et al.
"Is ethnic conflict inevitable?: parting ways over nationalism and
separatism," Foreign affairs. 87, 4 (2008): 138-50.

2008. With Jeremy M. Weinstein.
"Who fights?: the determinants of participation in civil war," American
journal of political science. 52, 2 (April 2008): 436-55.


political economy ; development ; African politics ; ethnic politics ; democracy.