Ehiehu E.G. Iweriebor

Region of Interest


Primary Country of Residence

United States of America


Associate Professor


Hunter College, City University of New York


Mailing Address

Department of Africana, Puerto-Rican, and Latino Studies
Hunter College of The City University of New York
695 Park Avenue
HW 1141
New York, New York 10021

Phone/Fax Number(s)

phone: 212-772-5141


Countries of Specialization



Ph.D., Columbia University, 1991.

Research Interests

Political economy of Nigeria; Economic history of modern Nigeria; History
of Nigerian radicalism; and, History of Nigerian political thought.

Teaching Interests

History of modern Nigeria; Modern African history; History of Pan-
Africanism; African and Black nationalism; History of African radicalism;
African American History.


Author of:

"Cultural nationalist ideas," in The dark webs: perspectives on
colonialism in Africa. Edited by Toyin Falola. Durham, NC: Carolina
Academic Press, c2005.

Nigerian technology development since independence. (Ibadan:
BookBuilders, 2004) 322 p.

"The strategy of technological development and economic emancipation," in
Nigeria - visions for the future. Ed. by Angela N. Nwaneri.
(Ibadan : Macmillan Nigeria Publishers Ltd., 1998)

The age of neo-colonialism in Africa: essays on domination and
resistance after independence. (Ibadan: African Book Builders, 1997)
153 p.

Radical politics in Nigeria, 1945-1960: the significance of the Zikist
Movement. (Zaria: Ahmadu Bello University Press, 1996) 289 p.

In addition, he is currently completing work on a number of book projects
including Nigeria in Transformation and African Liberated
Development. He has also contributed chapters to volumes 4 and 5 of
Africa, a five volume textbook on African history edited by Toyin
Falola et al., published by Carolina Academic Press since 2000.


political economy ; economic history ; modern Nigeria ; radicalism ; political thought.