William A. Masters

Region of Interest


Primary Country of Residence

United States of America




Purdue University



Mailing Address

Department of Agricultural Economics
Purdue University
1145 Krannert Building
West Lafayette, Indiana 47907-1145 USA

Phone/Fax Number(s)

phone: 765-494-4235
fax: 765-494-9176



Countries of Specialization


Research Interests

Food policy, agriculture and economic development,
principally in West Africa (the Sahel region) and Southern Africa
(especially Zimbabwe).

Teaching Interests

Undergraduate course on agricultural development, and graduate
course in agricultural policy.



1994 Government and agriculture in Zimbabwe. Westport, CT:

Chapters in books

2003 Forthcoming. "Climate, agriculture and economic
development," in Land quality, agricultural productivity, and food
scarcity. Ed. by K.D. Wiebe. Cheltenham, UK; Northamption, MA: Edward

Forthcoming. With M. McMillan. "Ethnolinguistic diversity,
government and growth," in Welfare, ethnicity and algruism. Ed. by
Frank Salter. London: Frank Cass.

1999 With Thomas W. Hertel, Mark J. Gehlhar. "Regionalism in world food
markets: implications for trade and welfare," in Food security,
diversification and resource management: refocusing the role of
agriculture. Ed. by G.H. Peters, D.D. Hedley. Aldershot, UK:

Journal articles

2003 Forthcoming With Michael Johnson. "Complementarity and
sequencing of innovations," Economics of innovation and new technology.

"Research prizes: a mechanism to reward agricultural innovation in
low-income regions," AgBioForum 6, 1 and 2 (2003): 1-5.

With Margaret S. McMillan. "An African growth trap: production
technology and the time-consistency of agricultural taxation, R&D and
investment," Review of development economics 7, 3 (2003): 179-91.

2002 With Harounan Kazianga. "Investing in soils: field bunds and
microcatchments in Burkina Faso," Environment and development economics
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With Diakalia Sanogo. "Welfare gains from quality certification of
infant foods: results from a market experiment in Mali," American journal
of agricultural economics 84, 4 (2002): 974-89.

With Diakalia Sanogo. "A market-based approach to child nutrition:
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With Monica G. Fisher, Rebecca Warner. "Gender and agricultural
change: crop-livestock interaction in Senegal," Society and natural
resources 13, 3 (2000): 203-22.


food policy ; agriculture ; economic development ; West Africa ; Southern Africa.