Christover M. Annear

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États-Unis d'Amérique


Ph.D. Candidate, Sociocultural Anthropology


Boston University, Boston, Massachusetts

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Boston University
232 Bay State Road
Boston, Massachusetts 02215

Mail address:
41 Pennsylvania Avenue, Apt 2
Somerville, Massachusetts 02145 USA


phone: 857-389-6143
fax: 617-353-2610

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I am an environmental and symbolic anthropologist with a strong empirical
and theoretical foundation in Southern and Central Africa. I teach
courses on Africa, the social and biophysical environment, and
anthropological theory. My research and writing to date has focused on
the Mweru-Luapula region of northern Zambia and urban life in and around

My dissertation, entitled "Weathering the Commons: Resilience and
Heterogeneity in an Inland Fishery, Mweru-Luapula, Zambia," will be
defended in October 2008. It concerns the interplay between environmental
and human communities in a transnational fishery in south-central Africa.
In the dissertation I describe and analyze the impact and processes at
play as people socialize their environments, while also discussing how
heterogeneous communities can..contrary to popular theory..sustainably
manage a commonly held resource.


"Navigating Constricted Channels: Local Cooption, Coercion, and
Concentration under Co-management, Mweru-Luapula Fishery, Zambia," Journal
of Political Ecology (accepted, in press).

"'GM or Death': Food and Choice in Zambia," Gastronomica: The Journal
of Food and Culture (peer reviewed), Spring 2004, 4(2): 16-23.
[Also published as: Boston University African Studies Center Working Paper
No. 247.]

"'Legislating Liverpool': The Role of Law in the Development and
Conservation of the Mweru-Luapula Fishery, Zambia." In Ann Seidman, Robert
B. Seidman, Pumzo Mbana, and Hanson Hu Li, eds. 2007. Africa's Challenge:
Using Law for Good Governance and Development. Trenton, NJ: Africa World
Press, Inc., pp. 175-220.


Anthropology, Zambia, political ecology, environment, mortuary rites, funerals, Chibemba