Sami Moubayed

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Le Liban


American University of Beirut, Lebanon

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American University of Beirut
Middle Eastern Affairs - Syrian Politics
PO Box: 11-0236/2959
American University of Beirut


phone: 9613-526 016

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British/Syrian researcher working on Middle Eastern affairs
with an emphasis on Syrian politics.


- "The Politics of Damascus 1920-1946: Urban Notables and the French
Mandate" published by Tlass Publishing in Damascus, Syria in February

This work is a historical research of the French Mandate and domestic
Syrian politics throughout from 1920-1946. It deals with the local
political movement, how it developed, where it went wrong, and how it was
able to ally itself with Great Britain and the USA to achieve independence
in 1946.

- "Damascus Between Democracy and Dictatorship" to be published by July
2000 by the University Press of America in Maryland.

Political work dealing with the era of military coup d'etats in Syria
(1946-1958). It deals with how civilian rule was destroyed, through the
flaws of the leaders and foreign intervention, and how authoritarian
military rule was set up in Syria.It shows how the pro-Western politicians
were destroyed, and how in their place rose the radical leftists who
followed in the Soviet bloc.


Middle-Eastern affairs ; Syrian politics.