Rachid Yalouh

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Researcher in Iranian studies


Mohammed V University, Rabat, Morocco

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I am working on a Ph.D. thesis entitled "Cultural transfer between Iran
and the Arabs" at the University Mohammed V Rabat Morocco.

President of a social and cultural association for two years (1996-1998).

Feb-Jul 2003

Second year exams in the Ph.D. program on Persian language and literature,
Tehran University, Iran

Sep 2000-Sep 2002

M.A. in Persian language and literature, Tarbiat Modares University,
Tehran, Iran

Feb-Jul 2000

Persian language proficiency certificate from the International center for
the teaching of Persian, Qazwin, Iran

Sep 1995 - May 1999

B.A. in Arabic language and literature (distinction), Ibn Zohr University,
Agadir, Morocco.


I was awarded a cultural Valuation and honor certificate from Mohamed Reda
Essalaoui High Scool, Agadir, Morocco. I was also awarded a Literary
Valuation and Honor certificate from the Literary Youth Association,
Agadir, Morocco.


A researcher in Persian language and literature ; and a political analyst
specializing in issues concerning Iran and Western Asia. An
ex-correspondent to Dubai Satellite Channel and Dubai's Sports Channel
from Tehran, Iran.


I prepare TV programs for Techno-Pole Maroc, Moroccan production company.
I work as a correspondent to the Correspondent Briefcase Program for Al
Ikhbaria channel.

November 2000 - May 2003

I prepared about 30 news reports from Tehran which were broadcasted on
Dubai Satellite Channel. I translate from Persian to Arabic and vice-versa
in written and oral modes. I translate from Persian to English and
vice-versa in oral mode.

I also prepared a research article on "The Presence of Iran in the
Newspapers of the E.A.U : the case of Al Khalij - Al Bayan-Alitihad."



I published a series of creative writings in Moroccan newspapers.

I prepared a research article entitled: "The Persian Language between
Usefulness and Uselessness."

I prepared a research article entitled: "A Description of Persian Teaching
Textbooks to Arabic-speakers."

I prepared a research article entitled: "The Transformation in the
Personality of the Old Persian Poet."

I translated from Persian to Arabic a book entitled: "Religion, Power and
Wealth, Trial and Defenses of Sayyid Hashim Aghajari."

I took part in several cultural and scientific conferences related to the
Persian language and literature.



Persian language ; literature ; politics ; ...