Hassan Abbas

Region of Interest

South Asia

Primary Country of Residence

United States of America


Professor of International Security Affairs and Department Chair of Regionsl and Analytical Studies


National Defense University, Washington DC, USA



Mailing Address

College of International Security Affairs,
National Defense University,
Fort McNair, Washington DC

Phone/Fax Number(s)

phone: 508-308-0576

Countries of Specialization

Pakistan, Adghanistan, Iraq, Iran


MA Political Science (Punjab University) 1997;
LLM (International Law), University of Nottingham, 1999;
MALD from Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Tufts University, 2002.
PhD from from Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Tufts University, 2007.

Research Interests

Religious extremism & terrorism in South Asia & Middle East; Islamic laws of
armed conflict; nuclear proliferation

Teaching Interests

History, politics & religion in South Asia; Law enforcement & national security; Islam and Islamic activism


- " The Taliban Revival: Violence and Extremism in the Pakistan - Afghanistan Frontier", Yale University Press, 2014.

- "Pakistan's Drift into Extremism: Allah, the Army and America's War on
Terror", M E Sharpe, NY, USA (September 2004).
- "Poleaxe or politics of the Eighth Amendment 1985-97", Watandost
Publishers (December 1998), Lahore, Pakistan.

For details about publications, see:
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2. http://belfercenter.ksg.harvard.edu/experts/850/hassan_abbas.html

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religious extremism ; terrorism ; Islamic laws ; armed conflicts ; security studies ; ...