Liyanage Amarakeerthi

Domaine de recherche

Asie du Sud

Pays de résidence

États-Unis d'Amérique


Ph.D. Student


University of Wisconsin

Adresse électronique


University of Wisconsin - Madison
2301 Badger Pkwy #4
Madison, WI 53713 USA


phone: 608-250-1829

Pays de spécialisation

Sri Lanka


Briefly, I going to write my dissertation on narrative technics of stories
in prose in medieval Sinhala literature. I am interested in theorizing
about the concept of prose that underlies the classical Sinhala prose. In
this study, I will take a narrative theoretical approach to analyze the
classics. Even though, Sinhala literary culture had some 6-8 centuries
long prose tradition, it was marginalized in the colonial time, when
Western fiction came into the Sinhala literary scene. Therefore, my study
will have something to add to the postcolonial literary theories too. So,
my interests are mainly narrative theory, literary theory ,postclonial
literary theory and South Asian literary cultures. In Madison, I work with
my adviser Prof. Charles Hallisey.


None on file.


Sinhala ; Sinhalese ; storytelling ; literature ; prose ; fiction ; ...