Manu Bhagavan

Region of Interest

South Asia

Primary Country of Residence

United States of America


Assistant Professor


Hunter College - CUNY


Mailing Address

Department of History
Hunter College
The City University of New York
695 Park Avenue
New York, NY 10021 USA

Phone/Fax Number(s)

Phone: 212-772-5482
FAX: 212-772-5545


Countries of Specialization


Research Interests

Modernity, Princely States, Resistance
studies,Education, Colonialism and Postcoloniality, Nationalism,
Globalization, Diversity and Pluralism, Intellectual history.


Sovereign Spheres: Princes, Education, and Empire in Colonial India.
Oxford University Press, 2003.

The Dynamics of Diversity: Narratives of Pluralism in South Asian
History.(edited) [in progress]

Articles and Book Chapters (*=peer reviewed):
"The Historical Context." In Understanding Contemporary India. Edited by
Sumit Ganguly and Neil DeVotta. Boulder: Lynne Rienner, 2003.

* With Faisal Bari. "(Mis)Representing Economy: Western Media Production
and the Impoverishment of South Asia." Comparative Studies of South Asia,
Africa, and the Middle East 21(1&2), 2001 (published 2002): 99-109.
Special issue on Globalization and Cultural Studies.

* "The Rebel Academy: Modernity and The Movement for a University in
Princely Baroda, 1908-1949." The Journal of Asian Studies 61(3), August
2002: 919-947.

* "Demystifying the 'Ideal Progressive': Resistance Through Mimicked
Modernity in Princely Baroda, 1900-1913." Modern Asian Studies 35(2),
2001: 385-409.

* "The Discourse of School Choice in the United States." The Educational
Forum 60(4), 1996: 317-325. Baltimore's Task Force on School Choice,
appointed by Mayor Kurt L. Schmoke, used a version of this paper in March

Book Reviews:
Stanley Wolpert. Gandhi's Passion: The Life and Legacy of Mahatma Gandhi.
(New York: Oxford University Press, 2002), 308 pp. $17.95 [In Peace &
Change: A Journal of Peace Research 29(2), April 2004.]

Dick Kooiman, Communalism and Indian Princely States. (Delhi: Manohar,
2002), 249 pp. Rs. 500 [In The American Historical Review, 108(4), October

Nita Kumar, Lessons from Schools: The History of Education in Banaras.
(New Delhi: Sage Publications, 2000), 232 pp. $45.00 [In The Journal of
Asian Studies 61(2), May 2002: 755-757.]

Margrit Pernau, The Passing of Patrimonialism: Politics and Political
Culture in Hyderabad 1911-1948. (Delhi: Manohar, 2000), 395 pp. Rs. 700
[In The Journal of Asian Studies 60(2), May 2001: 586-588.]

Alaka Basu and Roger Jeffrey (eds), Girls' Schooling, Women's Autonomy and
Fertility Change in South Asia. (New Delhi: Sage Publications, 1996),
339pp., Rs. 225 [In South Asia: Journal of South Asian Studies 20(1),
1997: 134-135.]

"James Laine, Shivaji, and Freedom of Speech." Picked up on the South Asia
Citizens Wire. Published on, 3/2004, and as an
interview in India Abroad.

"The Answer is Blowing in the Wind." Published in The Nation (Pakistan),
8/9 July 2002. Picked up in The Kashmir Observer (Srinagar, Kashmir),
19-21 July 2002.

With Faisal Bari. "The New Non-Violence: Re-imagining 'Peace' in South
Asia." Forthcoming in Samar: South Asia Magazine for Action and

"Ending the Stalemate: Thoughts on Kashmir." Published in The
Nation(Pakistan), U.S. 3/26/02.

With Faisal Bari. "The Madness of the Nation." Published as "The Dilemma
of the Nation" in The Nation (Pakistan), U.S. 5/25/01.

Editor-in-Chief. Sagar: South Asia Graduate Research Journal 1(1) thru
2(2) [1994-1995, 4 issues]


Mysore ; Baroda ; princely states ; princes ; nationalism ; modernity ; resistance ; education ;