Vikas Choudhary

Region of Interest

South Asia

Primary Country of Residence



Project Manager


Rural Non-Farm Development Agency, Jaipur


Mailing Address

Rural Non-Farm Development Agency
D-94, Pavan Path
Hanuman Nagar
Jaipur - 302021, Rajasthan, INDIA

Phone/Fax Number(s)

phone: 91/141-352038 (residence)
Fax: 91/141-383906

Countries of Specialization



Rajasthan University, Jaipur
Bachelors Degree in Geography
July 1993 to may 1996
First Class (~ 70%)

Project Manager, Rural Non Farm Development Agency, since June, 1998.

Research Interests

Rural Non Farm Development Agency was established by Government of
Rajasthan for promoting rural micro-enterprises in the State on a
sub-sectoral basis in November 1995 on the basis of the recommendations of
the study group of the Rural Non Farm sector. Three sub-sectors viz.,
leather wool and minor minerals were identified on the basis of the
comparative advantage of the resource availability in the state for
promotion. RUDA is the first agency of its kind in the Country to promote
Small and Microenterprises, as tools for poverty alleviation on a
sub-sectoral cluster based approach.

As one of the first few professionals to join the agency during its
inception period. I was particularly involved in the initial structuring
and development of the agency to its present form. My responsibilities

* Undertaking sub-sectoral analysis to identify critical bottlenecks
affecting the growth of each sub-sector.
* Designing strategies, formulating action plans for the growth of the
sub-sectors and promoting rural micro enterprises.
* Building systems and norms for promotional schemes under the three
* Networking and liasioning with principal actors of RNFS promotion
including prominent voluntary agencies, Government departments, technical
& design institutions, trade associations, national & international donor
agencies & private sector agencies
* Implementation of sector-specific projects.
* Assisting voluntary agencies / artisan groups in project formulation &
implementation of projects including framing of evaluation parameters for
the projects.
* Monitoring and appraising various projects funded by RUDA.
* Capacity building of NGOs / Rural enterprises/Khadi agencies
especially in the field of marketing .
* Training SHGs / artisan groups in book keeping, accounts and other
micro-finance aspects.
* Review & evaluation of specific projects in association with partner

Teaching Interests

1. "Contributory Training Programme(CTP)" : Responsible for designing and
implementation of a technology focused project aimed at making
productivity enhancements to leather tanning operations through transfer
of appropriate technologies with contributions from the tanners .

2. Training programmes : Conducted skill reorientation training programmes
for partially employed and unemployed youth in making alternate products
out of the vegetable tanned leather. The project involved training,
develop sustainable networks for trained persons and linking them to the

3. UNDP sponsored "Operation Mojri" project: Team member for a UNDP
sponsored project. Provided techno-design , organizing and marketing
inputs aimed at improving the quality of ethnic "mojri" footwear and their
by augmenting the incomes of poor artisanal household by mainstreaming
their products.

4.Dholpur cluster development project: The project aimed at transforming a
peri-urban cluster of low end contemporary footwear to high end footwear
cluster by providing them technical, design and marketing support .


1. District Poverty Initiatives Project (DPIP) Microenterprise Strategy,
World Bank-Govt. of Rajasthan, 2000

2. Women Enterprise Development Strategy, United Nations Fund for
Population Activities (UNFPA), 2001

3. Technical Need Assessment Study, Pokaran Pottery Project, Khadi &
Village Industries Commission (KVIC), Govt. of India, 2000

4. Manoharpur: Bashir Ustad's legacy Lives on; Woolways, Central Wool
Development Board, Govt. of India, Vol. 10, no. 4, Oct-Dec 2000.

Indian Institute of Forest Management, Bhopal
Post Graduate Diploma in Forestry Management (PGDFM) (Equivalent to
M.B.A.) : Essentially a management course with orientation towards rural
development and natural resource management.
June 1996 to March 1998
GPA 3.31/4.33.


poverty alleviation ; development strategy ; women studies ; technical assistance ; ...