Patrick Harrigan

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Asie du Sud

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États-Unis d'Amérique




Institute of Asian Studies, Chennai

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Kataragama Research Publications Project
3280 NW 47th Avenue
Ocala, FL 34482 USA


phone: (904) 403-9523

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Sri Lanka, South India


B.A., M.A. University of Michigan - Ann Arbor


Ongoing long-term photo, video and written documentation of the Kataragama Skanda jungle shrine and July festival, including indigenous,
Hindu, Buddhist and Islamic oral and performative traditions, and the annual Kataragama Pada Yatra (May-July) from Jaffna/Trincomalee to
Kataragama. Structural/comparative studies of Tamil and Sinhala oral traditions. Variations of Murukan worship in Sri Lanka and South India. Refai and
Naqshabandhi Sufi mysticism and prophetic lore. Related studies in cosmography or sacred geography including Kataragama and Sigiriya.

Also, documentation of contemporary indigenous Wanniyal-aetto (Vedda) communities in Sri Lanka as a part of a larger effort to create an
Indigenous Cultural Sanctuary for Wanniya-laeto displaced by development activities. Electronic networking, e-mail and Web home page creation.
Establishment of a Puranagama Village University of traditional studies and crafts in Kurunegala district. Organisation of the First International
Conference Seminar on Skanda-Murukan to be held in Madras in December, 1998, and the Second Murukan Conference in Mauritius in April, 2001.


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Kataragama Skanda ; jungle shrine ; July festival ; Hindu ; Buddhist ; Islamic ; Sri Lanka ; Wanniya