Sirajul Islam

Region of Interest

South Asia

Primary Country of Residence



Professor of History ; Chief Editor Banglapedia: National Encyclopedia of Bangladesh


Dhaka University


Mailing Address

Dhaka University
Dhaka, Bangladesh

House # 21, Rd. # 6
Sector # 4, Uttara Model Town
Dhaka, Bangladesh

Phone/Fax Number(s)

phones: +9560500 (office)
+8921211 (residence)
fax: +7168853

Countries of Specialization


Research Interests

Area: South Asian History

Early specialization in agrarian history of Bengal. Later interest
extended to social and economic history of eighteenth and nineteenth
century Bengal and American presence in Bengal in late eighteenth and
early nineteenth centuries;


Permanent Settlement in Bengal (keywords: Bengal, zamindar, land tenure,

Bengal Land Tenure (keywords: agriculture, raiyat, zamindar, agrarian
relations, rights in land, subinfeudation),

Villages in the Haor Basin of Bangladesh (keywords: village settlement,
haor basin, rural economy, migration, social stratification),

Rural History of Bangladesh (keywords: sources of history of rural Bangladesh,
archives, district records),

Administrative Structure of Colonial Bengal (keywords: colonial rule,
administrative structure, district administration, zamindari system),

Americans in Bengal (keywords: cargoes, Bay of Bengal, voyages to Bengal,
exports and imports),

Edited History of Bangladesh, 3 vols. (keywords: economic history of
Bangladesh, social and cultural history of Bangladesh, political history
of Bangladesh, Bangladesh Revolution),

Chief Editor: Banglapedia or National Encyclopedia of Bangladesh, 10
vols., with multimedia CD-ROM. (keywords of works: Bengal, Bangladesh,
History of Bangladesh, Permanent Settlement, Land Tenure, landed society,
zamindars, Village, Haor Basin, Peasantry)


Bengal ; Zamindar ; land tenure ; peasantry ; Haor basin.