Patricia Lawrence

Domaine de recherche

Asie du Sud

Pays de résidence

États-Unis d'Amérique


Senior Lecturer


University of Colorado

Adresse électronique


University of Colorado
Department of Anthropology
Boulder, CO 80309-0233 USA


phone: 303-543-0097
fax: 303-492-1871

Pays de spécialisation

Sri Lanka


Cultural Anthropology; South Asia and Sri Lanka;
Ethnicity and Identity; Religion and Ritual; Human Rights; Terror
Warfare; Peacebuilding.

Activities currently include completing a book manuscript based on
my field research in Sri Lanka's eastern war zone.


Teaching cultural anthropology classes on the intersection of human rights and anthropology; the ethnography of South Asia and Tamil culture.

In Sri Lanka, I am teaching an on-going series of workshops at the children's peace garden in Batticaloa and working as a consultant for several NGO's.


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Sri Lanka," in South Asia: Journal of the South Asian Studies
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1997b. "Grief on the Body: the Work of Oracles in Eastern Sri Lanka"
in Collective Identities, Michael Roberts, ed., Delhi: Navrang Press.

1998. "The Changing Amman: Notes on the Injury of War in Eastern
Sri Lanka," in
Conflict and Community in Contemporary Sri Lanka, Studies in
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2000. "Violence, Suffering, Amman: The Work of Oracles in Sri
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"Kali in a Context of Terror: Tasks of a Goddess in Sri Lanka's Civil
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University of California Press (in press -- 2002).

"Activists and Oracles: Responses to Violence Against Women in Sri
Lanka's War Zone." in Human Rights Review Vol 3:2 (in press).


cultural anthropology ; ethnicity ; religion ; ritual ; human rights.