Salim Momtaz

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Asie du Sud

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Associate Professor, Sustainable Resource Management


University of Newcastle, Australia

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School of Environmental and Life Sciences
University of Newcastle, Ourimbah, NSW 2258,


phone: +612-4348-4131
fax: +612-4348-4145

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Asia Pacific


PhD (Geography - regional Planning), University of London, UK
MSc (Geography) University of Dhaka, Bangladesh
BSc (Geography) University of Dhaka, Bangladesh


Environmental studies, development studies,
social impact assessment, sustainable development, climate change


University of Newcastle, Australia (1999-present)
Central Queensland University, Australia (1995-1998)
University of Dhaka, Bangladesh (1986-1994)

Environmental studies, development studies,
social impact assessment, sustainable development, climate change adaptation


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Momtaz, S., & Zobaidul Kabir, S. M. (2013). Evaluating Environmental and Social Impact Assessment in Developing Countries. London: Elsevier.

Publication: (Book) Rural Development and the Problem of Access in
Bangladesh, University of Dhaka, 1996.

Lawrence, G., Lyons, K. and Momtaz, S., (eds.) 1997, Social Change in
Rural Australia, Rural social and economic research centre, Rockhampton.

Shameem, M. I. M., & Momtaz, S. (2014 in press). Vulnerability of rural livelihoods to multiple stressors: A case study from the southwest coastal region of Bangladesh. Ocean and Coastal Management, 23-38. doi:10.1016/j.ocecoaman.2014.09.002

Kabir, S. M. Z., & Momtaz, S. (2013). Fifteen years of environmental impact assessment system in bangladesh: Current practice, challenges and future directions. Journal of Environmental Assessment Policy and Management, 15(4). doi:10.1142/S146433321350018X

Kabir, S. M. Z., & Momtaz, S. (2013). Sectorial variation in the quality of environmental impact statements and factors influencing the quality. Journal of Environmental Planning and Management. doi:10.1080/09640568.2013.824415

Kabir, S. Z., & Momtaz, S. (2012). The quality of environmental impact statements and environmental impact assessment practice in Bangladesh. Impact Assessment and Project Appraisal, 30(2), 94-99.

Many publications on poverty in Bangladesh, environmental assessment in
Australia, role of NGOs in Bangladesh.


environmental studies ; development studies ; social impact assessment, climate change