Bruce J. Berman

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Queen's University, Kingston, Canada

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Department of Political Studies
Queen's University
K7L 3N6


phone: 613-545-6242
fax: 613-545-6848

Pays de spécialisation

Kenya ; Ghana.


Courses in development theory (graduate), African politics(undergraduate),
and the politics of science and technology


Ethnicity, Patronage and the African State: the politics of uncivil
nationalism, African Affairs, 97, 388, 1998, pp. 305-41.

The State, Computers and African Development: the Information
Non-Revolution,reprinted in D.M. Hester and P.J. Ford, eds. Computers and
Ethics in the Cyberage Upper Saddle River, N.J.: Prentice Hall, 2001, pp. 153-166.

African States, Bureaucratic Culture and Computer Fixes,(co-authored with
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Caught in the Contradictions: the State in Kenya, 1945-97, Critical
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Ethnicity and Democracy in Africa (collected papers of March 2000 workshop)
edited with Dickson Eyoh and Will Kymlicka., Oxford: James Currey.
expected publication 2003.

"Custom, Modernity and the Search for Kihooto: Kenyatta, Malinowski and the
Making of Facing Mount Kenya," (with J.M. Lonsdale) in Robert Gordon and Helen
Tilley, eds., Anthropology, European Imperialism and the Ordering of Africa,
Manchester: Manchester University Press. expected publication 2003.


development theory ; African politics ; politics of technology.