Yasmin Saikia

Region of Interest

South Asia

Primary Country of Residence

United States of America


Assistant Professor


University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill



Mailing Address

Department of History, CB #3195
Hamilton Hall
University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill
Chapel Hill, NC 27599 USA

Phone/Fax Number(s)

phone: 919-929-7036 (residence)
919-962-3961 (office)

Countries of Specialization


Research Interests

I am interested in a broad range of issues and topics in South Asian
history, particularly the politics of memory in post-colonial South Asia
and the tensions between national history and local narratives. My
research focuses on the interaction between identity and memory in
India's northeastern state of Assam. I have started preliminary
research on my second project. The subject is Silence, and I am
exploring the story of the victims of the 1971 Bangladesh War of Liberation.
My most recent publication was In the Meadows of Gold: Telling Tales of
the Swargadeos in the Crossroads of Assam (Delhi, 1997)


None on file.


national history ; local narratives ; politics ; memory ; ...