Patrick Bond

Region of Interest


Primary Country of Residence

South Africa




University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban, South Africa


Mailing Address

School of Development Studies, Centre for Civil Society
Memorial Tower Building #502
University of KwaZulu-Natal, Howard College
Durban 4001
South Africa

Phone/Fax Number(s)

phone: 27 83 425 1401
fax: 27 31 260 2502


Countries of Specialization

South Africa ; Zimbabwe.

Research Interests

Has longstanding research interests and applied work in global governance
and national policy debates, in urban communities and with global justice
movements in several countries.

Focuses on political economy, environment (energy, water and climate
change), social policy and geopolitics, with publications covering South
Africa, Zimbabwe, the African continent and global-scale processes.

Was trained in economic geography at Johns Hopkins, finance at the
University of Pennsylvania and economics at Swarthmore College.


Recent authored and edited books include:

Climate Change, Carbon Trading and Civil Society (UKZN Press and Rozenberg
Publishers, 2008)

The Accumulation of Capital in Southern Africa (Rosa Luxemburg Foundation,

Looting Africa: The Economics of Explotiation (Zed Books and UKZN Press,

Talk Left, Walk Right: South Africa.s Frustrated Global Reforms (UKZN
Press, 2006)

Elite Transition: From Apartheid to Neoliberalism in South Africa (UKZN
Press, 2005)

Fanon's Warning: A Civil Society Reader on the New Partnership for
Africa.s Development (Africa World Press, 2005)

Against Global Apartheid: South Africa meets the World Bank, IMF and
International Finance (Zed Books and University of Cape Town Press, 2003)


political economy ; environmental studies ; social policy ; geopolitics.