Prem Yapa

Region of Interest

South Asia

Primary Country of Residence



Senior Lecturer


La Trobe University


Mailing Address

School of Business
La Trobe University
Victoria 3086 AUSTRALIA

Phone/Fax Number(s)

phone: 61/03-9479-1642
Fax: 61/03-9479-5971

Countries of Specialization

Sri Lanka, Brunei


PhD in Accounting and Finance (University of Wollongong, Australia), MBA
(Leuven, Belgium), PG. Dip in Population Studies (University of Colombo,
Ceylon) B.Com (Hon), (Ceylon), CPA Australia.

Research Interests

Specific interests and research publications involve the areas of:
. professinalization - Accounting,
. Cross cultural issues in accounting,
. Accounting education and training,
. Accounting in Oil exporting countries.

Prem Yapa is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Business, La Trobe
University, Australia. He has published in the areas of accounting education
and training, accounting in developing countries, professionalization and
accounting in oil exporting countries. Prior to joining La Trobe University
in 1999, Prem had teaching and research experience in Sri Lanka and

Prem was (1993-1995) the head of Accounting & Management department at the
University of Brunei. He has also actively involved as a consultant on
accounting development projects. Some of his work has been with the public
and private sectors in Singapore, Brunei, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka
and Philippines and Vietnam.


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Recent Conference Papers- Workshops:

1. Senarath Yapa, P.W. (2004) ASEAN Federation of Accountants (AFA):
Regional Harmonization in Accounting. Fourth Asia Pacific
Interdisciplinary Research in Accounting Conference (APIRA,-2004),
Singapore, 4-6 July. Internet conference proceedings:
2. Senarath Yapa, P.W. and Harvey D (2003) Disclosure of Corporate
Environmental Policies in annual reports: Further evidence incorporating
a national ideology - an Australian Study. Conference proceedings.
Corporate Management, Accounting and National Ideology- A multicultural
perspective, Aarhus Business School, Denmark, 11-13 December , 2003
3. Senarath Yapa, P.W. (2003) Accounting History, the Third
Accounting History International Conference, Siena, Italy, 17-19
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6. Senarath Yapa, P.W. (2001) Accounting History, the Second
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Accounting Profession in Sri Lanka" This paper is in conference
proceedings and it is recognised as DETYA-E1 category recognition
criteria for internet publication.
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accounting ; professionalization ; cross cultural issues ; oil exporting countries ; ...