Daniel Avorgbedor

Region of Interest


Primary Country of Residence

United States of America


Professor of Music and Black Studies


Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio



Mailing Address

110 Weigel Hall
School of Music
Ohio State University
Columbus, Ohio 43210-1170 USA

Phone/Fax Number(s)

phone: 614-292-9441
fax: 614-292-9441



Countries of Specialization


Research Interests

Special research interests in representations of Africa in the Diaspora,
focusing on the performing arts; contemporary church music in Africa;
urbanization and its impact on the continuity of music and dance
traditions in Africa; theories of identity.


Forthcoming 2000: Competition and Conflict as a Framework for
Understanding Performance Culture among the Urban Anlo-Ewe. (Manuscript
accepted and forthcoming in Ethnomusicology).

Forthcoming 2000: (invited paper) 'Hal Performance as Literary Production'
(Forthcoming in the special issue of Research in African Literatures
[March 2000 special issue on Music and Literatures and edited by Kofi

(invited paper) The Turner-Schechner Model of Performance as Social
Drama: A Re- Examination in the Light of Anlo-Ewe Hal." Research in
African Literatures 30/4 (1998):144-155.

"Anlo-Ewe Music and Society in the Light of Urgent Anthropo-Musicology."
Bulletin of the International Union of Ethonological Sciences, no. 39

Rural-Urban Interchange: Anlo-Ewe Music Garland Encyclopedia of World
Music, 1996, Africa Vol. 1., pp.389-399.

"Un voyage vers l'inconnu: Conventions esthétiques dans la musique
des Anlo-Ewe du Ghana," Cahiers de musiques traditionnelles 7/1

"Freedom to sing, License to Insult: The Influence of Hal Performance on
Social Violence among the Anlo-Ewe," Oral Tradition 9/1 (1994): 83-112.

"The Impact of Rural-Urban Migration on a Village Music Culture: Some
Implications for Applied Ethnomusicology," African Music 7/2

"Some Contributions of Hal Music to Research Theory and Pragmatics," Bul.
of the Int. Comm. on Urgent Anthr. & Ethnol. Research 32-33 (1990-91):


music ; performing arts ; identity ; Diaspora ; religion.